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This poem is so confusing, notice that in the 4th paragraph
it is stated that I liked him as a bestfriend and eventually realized I liked him as a lover.
Means, I just liked him either way, a bestfriend or a lover not just a friend.

It's wanting to talk to someone, but loosing the chance to do so.

Admiring someone who doesn't even know you exist.

Longing for someone to become part of your life.

Wanting to get over someone you really admire but couldn't do so because still you love him.

A foolish obsession for someone.

Hopelessly inlove with someone who can't love you back.

Wishing your someone will somewhat be a part of your life.

Hurting because you want to express your feelings to that
someone and your so afraid of him knowing how you feel
keeping it all by yourself and its about to burst.

Waiting for love to take place.