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An Infatuation

A teenage crush and mixed emotions.

Fear of letting go some friend you have learned to treasure
and fear of letting him know you're somewhat attracted to him.

Inspired by a friend who has been so faithful and true.

Physically attracted to someone at school.

Uncertain to express you're emotions but you want him
to know how your feeling before accomplishing anything successful.

Just as when you're open to love and you see it come your way
suddenly you realize that love wasn't for you to keep 'coz friendship is better for both.

Longing for someone you're attracted to, wishing for that person
to know your true emotions by telling him face to face.

Love at first sight.. eheh

Conflict between the mind and the heart.. Is it bad to fall in love at age of 16? hmmmm... should be really confused heh...

This poem is literal, when I say literal... read it and that's it...